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The Splendor of Stone

There’s nothing like the timeless beauty of quality stonework to transform your home or business, and the fully licensed and insured team at Stone Depot is here to help, from start to finish.

We offer a wide range of beautiful stone in a stunning variety of colors to fit your style and budget.

Countertops, fireplace surrounds, tub and shower enclosures, bars, tables, vanities, flooring and more.

Whatever your application, residential or commercial, we offer only the highest quality materials, innovative designs, and professional fabrication and installation.

You’re going to love the way it looks!

New builds or remodels, retail and wholesale trade inquiries from contractors, architects and interior designers are always welcome.

teal and stone seating area

Types of Stone

Stone Depot carries a wide in-stock selection of natural stone from around the world, all hand-selected by our owner/buyer.

Even more types, colors and patterns are available through our network of trusted distributers, and all pass a vigorous inspection to ensure only the highest quality.

Learn about popular types of stone below


Superbly suited to countertop use, granite is formed deep underground at very high pressures, making it extremely durable. It’s mostly made of feldspar and quartz, which gives it strength.

It comes in a variety of colors, is easy to clean, and requires minimal maintenance.

Indoor or outside, in any room or setting, granite is one of the world’s most popular types of stone.

white napoli granite island
white napoli granite closeup

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With a timeless elegance, marble comes in a range of colors and patterns, and is heat resistant.

It’s often used for floors, offices, and fireplace surrounds, although it’s not recommended for kitchen countertops.

This is because it’s very porous as well as prone to damage by scratches.

fantasy river kitchen island
fantasy river marble closeup

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Made mostly of talc, soapstone is considered a very soft stone and comes in many grey tones.

Although it’s soft, it’s non-porous, which makes it very stain resistant.

Soapstone tends to darken with time. It doesn’t require sealing, but it is often treated with an application of mineral oil periodically to enhance the natural darkening process.

soapstone countertop
soapstone closeup

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Formed when sandstone is converted by heat and pressure, quartzite has been used as far back as prehistoric times in the construction of stone tools.

It’s even harder than granite and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns.

With no sealing required (ever!), quartzite is a widely popular choice for kitchen countertops.

quartzite island
quartzite closeup

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A manufactured stone made mostly of natural materials, engineered quartz is known for its extreme durability and resistance to chips and scratches.

It’s available in a wide selection of colors and requires no sealing.

Its durability and hardness make engineered quartz an excellent material for a variety of applications both inside and outdoors.

glacier white quartz island
glacier white quartz closeup

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Stacked Stone

Trimmed pieces of stone combined to form modular panels, stacked stone brings a dramatic detail to accent walls, columns, fireplaces, backsplashes and islands. Outdoors it gives a textured dimension to grills, BBQ surrounds, patios, firepits and walls.

Available in a wide selection of materials, colors and styles, stacked stone is a stunning finish for vertical surfaces, adding an impressive three-dimensional character to your space.

stacked stone fireplace
stacked stone closeup

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We work with a number of stone suppliers 

You can view their collections at the links below
(manufacture sites will open in new tabs)

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Special Purchase

Now in stock!

Beautiful marble imported from Vietnam.

You won’t find this stone anywhere else on the East coast—we are the only distributor.

One-of-a-kind stonework is just a call away…

Supplies are limited so get in touch today!

new slab triangle
marble block in quarry
new slab triangle

Care and Maintenance of your Stone Countertops


Dust frequently: a buildup of dust can damage your countertop’s protective finish

Clean regularly to maintain the finish, using only a cleaner designed for your stone type

Clean up spills immediately, especially acidic foods, drinks and products which can etch the stone or damage the finish

Have your countertop resealed regularly (if appropriate) to protect it and extend its life

With the proper care, cleaning and maintenance, your stone counters will stay beautiful for years to come.

kitchen island


Don’t expose the countertop to extreme temperatures and use trivets or pads under hot dishes or cookware

Don’t subject the countertop to excessive weight which may lead to fissures or cracking.

Never allow the countertop to come in contact with bleach, vinegar, ammonia, corrosive or abrasive materials or tub/tile cleaners which may damage the finish and/or the stone

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From beginning to end it was very professional and the vendor was extremely responsive. 

My husband and I were looking for granite countertops. Our experience was beyond excellent. We are very pleased customers and will use Stone Depot in the future. I love my new kitchen countertops. Thanks so much!!

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